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We are believers, 

  • In Christ

  • In Diversity

  • In Purpose

  • In GOD

  • In Education

  • In Community

  • In Stewardship

  • In You.

Colorful Friends

We believe that the Bible and GOD should be accessible to everyone. 

Next Movement Church (NMC) is a G.P.S. Church– God-Centered, Purpose Driven, and Service Minded. 


The church model focuses on locating the lost and spiritually disenfranchised, helping them find and fulfill their God-given purpose in life. In this, we strive to create an environment where each person can heal, grow, and thrive.


We believe the best way to “be” the church is to value the unique history and experience each person brings to the table, and give that uniqueness the tools it needs to ascend to its greatest height. We equip our people with tools and focus on creating equal opportunities for access to quality bible learning experiences. Instead of simply preaching, we root our experiences in Adult Learning Theories. 

"Church Shouldn't Be One Size Fits All" 

You are unique and at the Next Movement Church, we celebrate our differences. We know that everyone has something special to bring to the table. And that’s just it; our table is OPEN to EVERYONE. We are here to learn together, to grow together, to support one another.


Our door is ALWAYS open, and you are always welcome. We don’t believe you should just listen to us. We want you to ask questions, to take the lead, to dive in deep. 


We want you to learn, thrive, transform, share, heal, and have some fun too. So, to sum it all up, we want our church to be your church. 


Welcome to the revolution. It's great to have you here!

"There's always a seat for you at our table" 

We sit at the intersection of culture, creativity, and academic scholarship. We want to be the place you can come and safely explore how to live your life with God, for the sake of Christ and others. 

At the end of the day, we are a safe space for you to come to worship, learn, and grow. If you are THIRSTY for knowledge, you are in the right place.  We are big on lectures, learning units, and series. If you are thirsty for knowledge but are struggling to find an accessible way to it, we are here. 

Our Church operates on four pillars:



We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and belief systems. At Next Movement Church we are a community of diversity. We celebrate our differences and work together to walk through the word. We are a digital support system. 



We don’t just read the Bible. We dive in deep. We ask the hard questions, and we don’t take things at face value. We are BIG learners and educators. We love lectures, learning units, and series. We also love questions. We are an open and safe community for you to express and engage with. 




Are you ready to lead? Let’s take action. We don’t just become the change we want to see globally. We take the responsibility to CREATE the change. 


Soul Care


C.S. Lewis Wisley says, “You do not have a soul. You are soul.” So, you may be hitting the gym and eating right, but what have you done for your soul lately? At the Next Movement Church, we give you the tools to take care of your soul. We strive to support you in feeling energized, enriched, loved, and supported. Soul care is holistic, human existence, and the divine. 

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